An Oasis of Genuine Hospitality!


At IOLIDA BEACH resort, cosmopolitan ambience, pampering luxury, tradition and friendly service come together, all at a nodal point that will capture your heart and give you the holiday of a lifetime. IOLIDA BEACH has been built in the heart of Agía Marína, one of the most popular and scenic coastal resorts of Chania prefecture, only a few metres away from a superb sandy beach. Its ideal location allows you to listen to the sounds of the sea from your window and enjoy a spectacular view to the Cretan Sea and the surrounding area.


IOLIDA BEACH is also located close to the city of Chania, and the most remarkable beaches of the northern coast, such as the beach of Chrissí Aktí, Àgii Apóstoli, Káto Stalós and Plataniás. In addition, it is situated in close proximity, namely 10 minutes, to the Highway connecting Chaniá to Réthimno and Chaniá to Kíssamos granting easy and fast access to the neighbouring prefectures, and many scenic villages and pristine beaches of Chaniá. IOLIDA BEACH is also served by regular public transport, readily available from the bus stop that is very close to the front door of the Hotel.


Chania, similarly to the rest of Crete, boasts outstanding natural beauty. Not far from our Hotel lies Nerospiliá, a beautiful cave with stalactites and stalagmites, while opposite the beach of Agía Marína stands the islet of Àgii Theódori (aka Thodoroú). The local legend has it that this islet was once a gigantic beast that threatened to annihilate Crete, before it was petrified by St. Marína (some claim St. Geórgios or even Poseidon). A hire boat either from the small port of Plataniás or the port of Chaniá can take you on a pleasant trip around the island, so that you can witness its wild beauty. Disembarkation on the islet is strictly forbidden, as Thodoroú is a nature reserve for the rare Cretan mountain goat called "Kri - Kri".


Renowned for its beauty both in Greece and abroad is the old town of Chania, located at a distance of only 8km away from IOLIDA BEACH. It is an enchanting blend of cultures that perfectly combines Venetian and Turkish architectural elements. You will be fascinated by the romantic ambience and picturesqueness of the Venetian harbour of Chania. Landmarks of the Old Harbour of Chania are the Light-House, Fort Firca, the Kioutsouk Hassan (or Yialí Tzamissí) mosque and the Venetian shipyards. Take a romantic stroll in the idyllic, narrow paved lanes and enjoy the lively and welcoming atmosphere that will make you want to come back for more.


If you are into adventures and/or you love nature, the renowned Samaria gorge, one of the most photographed natural sceneries of Europe, is a must. Alternatively you may wish to hike through the gorges of Ímbros, Thérissos, Topólia, and Arádena. The braver ones may find it interesting to hike up the Lefká Óri (White Mountains) mountain range. If serene rural settings are more to your taste, you can visit the majestic landscape of Kournás lake and Kournás cave. Take a break from everyday hastle and bustle and sail to Bálos beach, the islet of Gramvoússa or the islet of Gávdos. The beaches of Elafoníssi, Kedródassos, and the villages of Paleóhora, and Sfakiá offer endless opportunities for relaxing walks along golden beaches, swimming in turquoise water, diving and snorkelling in a rich marine environment.



Approximate distances in kilometres:

  • From the city of Chaniá - 8km
  • From the tourist resort of Plataniás – 1.5km
  • From Daskaloyiánnis airport of Chaniá - 22km
  • From the port of Soúda connecting Chania to Piraeus port (Athens) – 16km
  • From the prefecture of Réthimno – 78km
  • From the prefecture of Iráklio – 156km
  • From the prefecture of Àgios Nikólaos – 225km


 Travelling to Chania by ai, please see:

Travelling to Chania by ferry, please see: