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You will find us in one of the most beautiful resorts of western Crete, Agía Marína, a village noted for its cosmopolitan flair, its excellent beaches and its extensive entertainment opportunities. Not far from the city of Chaniá at a nodal point allowing easy and fast access to the most important sights and the most scenic beaches of Chaniá prefecture, IOLIDA VILLAGE Hotel Complex serves as the ideal starting point for all those wishing to become acquainted with the island's beauties.

The coastal village of Agía Marina is well-known for its tourism development and its superb beaches. Apart from the sandy beach of Agía Marína, you can take a refreshing dip in the adjacent beaches of the villages of Káto Stalós, Plataniás and Àgii Apóstoli. One of the area's most interesting sights is Nerospiliá, a cave with spectacular stalactites and stalagmites, which the ancients used as a sanctuary. The tiny island of Àgii Theódori or Thodoroú stands facing the beach of Agía Marína and is presently a sanctuary of the Cretan wild goat "kri-kri" (Capra aegagrus cretica).

During your stay, you should not fail to take a stroll in the city of Chaniá, only 9km far from IOLIDA VILLAGE, a crossroad of civilisations, a harmonious blend of Venetian and Turkish cultural and architectural elements. The idyllic ambience of the old harbour of Chaniá, with its picturesque taverns, the narrow paved lanes, the imposing Fort Firca, the mosque of the Janissaries (Yialí Tzamissí) and the Venetian Lighthouse, as well as the intense nightlife will beyond any doubt fascinate you.

One additional asset of our Hotel is its close proximity to the Highway connecting Chaniá-Réthimno and Chaniá-Kastélli, located at a distance of only 10 minutes by car facilitating thus your excursions and explorations to the neighbouring prefectures, and the exquisite beaches of west and south Chaniá, such as the beaches of Falássarna, Elafoníssi and Palióhora.